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Why Clabroom?

Local engineers/candidates always looking for oversea opportunities and relearn know-how for the jobs of tomorrow

Career planning

Personalized training with clear roadmap and practice remote work-ethics

Best employee Experience

Trained as an Employee | Remove fear of freelancer/consultants

Remote workstations

We take care of best employee experience, local compliances as well as we make sure they are getting globally level payroll

Paycheck at global level

we setup best remote devices workstation as well as take care of logistics and IT support

How you can contribute?

Most employers struggle to find employees who can understand the problem domain and work with a distributed team to solve it.


Application for apprenticeship

Get matched with a few candidates who meet your expectations based on their talent


Shortlisted by 2 step process

Get match to select few candidates that meet your expectations based on their talent


Personalized training program

12 weeks program to relearn/unlearn new skills to cover the roadmap as per the applicant interests


Interviews with your dream Employer

Onboarding + Work stations setup + local contract +etc

Talent Pool Streams

We have different talent streams that can contribute to product teams at all levels of startups.

Full Stack Engineer

Learn about webapp along with backend technologies

Product Designer

Learn about build product with UI/UX skillset

Quality Assurance Engineer

Learn about automation UI and API testing

We love working with open source technologies

We learn and build products using open source technologies

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